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What is the use of this boxing reflex ball?

This product allows you to get a workout at the convenience of your home or at the job. If you are someone who stays on the run and no time for the gym this will allow you to workout anytime and anywhere.

It's not as easy as I thought. How do you get the hang of it?

When using it of course you’re not gonna get the hang of it at first. But practice makes perfect. Start slow one punch at a time to get used to the balls movements, then as you practice more you’ll get used to the balls movements and will start connecting more punches.

Is it durable?

The ThinkFast reflex ball is made out of foam, softer than tennis balls. It is extremely durable and if any problems occur although very rare, we will offer a free replacement.

Is the headband adjustable?

The headband as well as the string are adjustable to fit all head shapes and meet difficulty standards for all users.

Is this good for children?

The ThinkFast reflex ball is suitable for all ages, the ball is very forgiving as it's made out of foam thus removing risk of injury for anyone using it.

Do you have to wear boxing gloves or can you just use your fist?

The choice is yours, it can be used with both gloves and bare fists, the ThinkFast reflex ball has been used in both scenarios and works identically.